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Post by dean on Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:34 am

We want to jump on the "bandwagon" and encourage all, regardless of age, to visit the WET FUN water park in Caduano. We stopped by the park today on our way home from the airport and were astounded by what we saw. We hadn't been to the park since 2004 very early in its development. It truly rivals water parks we've visited in the states. WET FUN has parks, pools, slides, concessions, tranquility, excitement and more recreation than you can imagine. And you'll love the quiet places--the small parks or sitting areas where people can just relax while the kids are having a blast in a safe environment. Larry, Adela, and Jaimi have created something we can all be proud of visiting with our kids, grandkids, and other house guests. Advertising, signs, etc. are so costly that right now word-of-mouth is the park's best chance. WET FUN is open from 10-6 Thurs.-Sunday once Easter break is over, and admission is nominal (150 pesos for adults; 100 for kids). A number of us are heading over there Sunday for the day; come join us. It's easy to find--just turn into Caduano off the main highway and you can't miss it. (By the way, visitors are discouraged from bringing their own food and drink, or coolers.) Ed & Jennifer


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