on the baja drive

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on the baja drive

Post by dean on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:10 pm

a. In response to the recent request on the BPE for an evening yoga class....I was just thinking the same thing! So, there is at least one person interested in yoga in the late afternoon-evening...let's say from 5-6:30pm....are there any other people who may consider this once or twice per week? just an informal survey to see if it would be worth offering a class at this time....you can email me personally at jackie1@gorge.net thanks!

b. Further to cost, etc. of DESERT INNS; on our trip back in October, we stayed at Catavina and enquired about discounts, because we also do not have their own card, and asked about one for having an FM3. The guy behind the desk didn't know what that was, so I showed him and said Mexican Resident, and he gave us a 20% discount from the posted rate.

c. Re: The Desert Inn (formerly La Pinta).....
Yes, we used our card last night at Guerrero Negro. Room cost with card was $50.00 USD. There was a sign in the room that said that dogs were not welcome in the room. We did have a dog with us on previous trips and it was no problem. Maybe they are changing their dog policy.


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