immigration to Mexico

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immigration to Mexico

Post by dean on Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:48 pm

many changes are coming, check this site.

Permanent residents. these are foreigners who are allowed to stay in the country indefinitely, with permission to work in exchange for remuneration in Mexico.

The condition of permanent resident may be granted to the expatriates that are in any of the following circumstances:

For reasons of political asylum, the recognition of refugee status and subsidiary protection or for the determination of statelessness, subject to compliance with the requirements of the Law
For the right to preserve the family union
Retirees or pensioners that receive an income for services rendered abroad from a foreign government or international agency or private company, that allows them to live in the country
As per decision of the Immigration Institute, regarding the Points System
Because they have had temporary residence for 4 years
By having Mexican children by birth
By being ascendant or descendant in a straight line (up to the second generation) of a Mexican by birth

Foreigners who are granted Permanent Resident status will be able to obtain a permit to work in exchange for remuneration in Mexico and the right to enter and leave the country as many times as desired. They will also be able to bring their personal property into Mexico in the manner and terms that apply under the applicable Law.

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Re: immigration to Mexico

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