Ambulance in El Sargento/La Ventana tow truck number

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Ambulance in El Sargento/La Ventana tow truck number

Post by dean on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:23 pm

What we all need to know about the Ambulance service in El Sargento/La Ventana

The ambulance is run ENTIRELY BY VOLUNTEERS. The current El Sargento team consists of 11 local people and was newly formed last October after the previous volunteers got burnt out. Team members are gradually being trained in basic first aid by instructors from La Paz (e.g. this week ‘s topic was the rudiments of CPR ) and are doing the best they can in very challenging circumstances. They are unpaid, have no budget, very little equipment (not even splints, or oxygen), and have to fundraise for essentials such as plastic gloves, bandages and even the diesel fuel they need to run the vehicles. They have to pay for their own uniforms, and for their training. They use their personal phones for their emergency calls and sometimes have to chip in for the fuel.

The ambulances were donated by the government 14 years ago but there is no budget for maintenance. The larger one is out of service at the moment until funds can be raised to repair it. El Sargento’s team covers the whole area from Rancho Ancon (halfway to La Paz) down as far as Los Muertos, since Los Planes has no ambulance service at the moment due to lack of trained volunteers. Because of zone boundaries, our local ambulances cannot take patients directly to a hospital in La Paz. They have to wait at the city limits (sometimes for 45 mins or more) for a La Paz ambulance to meet them and take over the patient. If it is not a life-threatening emergency or an obviously broken bone, they have to go first to the clinic and get a note from the doctor authorizing transportation to a hospital.

If you need transportation to emergency medical assistance: under current conditions, your best option is probably to rely on the paramedical knowledge of people close by, and get someone with a reliable vehicle in which you can lie flat to transport you straight to either the private “purple” hospital in Fidepaz (if you have insurance) or to the new public hospital near Soriana (if you don’t have insurance). Take someone with you who speaks Spanish, if possible.

If you choose to use the ambulance: please assist them afterwards with a donation. This is what Mexican families do, but foreigners have generally not done so, probably because they assumed it was a free service.

If you have used the local ambulance in the past: could you please consider making a contribution now?

Donations: can be made to the Volunteer Organiser, Lupita Cosio Barrera, who can be reached on 612 103 4377, or lulubel1976 via hotmail, or at the Star Market. The finances are managed transparently by a volunteer committee.
The motto of the organisation of ambulance volunteers with which El Sargento’s group is affiliated is “Giving from the heart”. Let us do the same. To avoid the new team burning out, they need all the support they can get.
Further information can be obtained from Heidi Hart on 612 153 4375 or harthe77  , or Chris Bradley on 612 136 1609, or chris.bradley3 both at

tow truck at the t intersection 612-114-2490


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