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During the past 10 years I have been involved as a “Collaborador” with Dr. Jorge Urban Ramirez of UABCS (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur) in La Paz. My work has specifically related to the monitoring, through photo identification, of our local Humpback Whales during their breeding and calving season here in the east cape. This part of Mexico’s marine waters is the second largest breeding/calving ground in The North Pacific Ocean and home to a rich marine environment. Some 5 years ago I began developing an idea for a marine laboratory to be situated here in our area for the continued monitoring of the humpbacks (as well as reef and plankton studies) but most importantly to provide a training ground for local students and an inspiration for them to become involved in the marine sciences.

This year, after several meetings and presentations, the Telesecundaria school in El Cardonal has offered a piece of land adjacent to the school to house the laboratory. On the 28th of May I met with the officials of The Department of Secondary Education in La Paz and presented my idea. I just heard a few days ago that they had unanimously approved of the donation and have given me the go ahead to begin planning the construction. The lab itself will be part of the overall school facility but will be separated from it physically. It will be owned, maintained and operated by the school and I will act as a program developer and consultant. The University in La Paz will also be involved in a similar capacity.

Though there may be some money coming for this project from Mexican agencies the bulk of the funds will be provided through fund raising by myself initially and with the help of anyone interested as time goes by. Donations are tax deductible through MioSah a 501(c)(3) corporation. Contact me for additional information : ukaldveer@gmail.com

I have a power point presentation that I can give anytime if a group of people would like to get a better idea of the project. I have also recently published a book of my experiences with the whales during the past 40 years that is available in El Cardonal and at The Land & Homes office and Information Center in Los Barriles. The title is: THE OTHERS “The Whale People”, A Personal Journey of Discovery, Transformation and Healing.

Urmas Kaldveer, PhD - El Cardonal: ukaldveer@gmail.com
Director: MioSah – Mendocino Institute of Science & History
My website is dated but my blog is current and includes my most recent website information: www.urmkal.blogspot.com


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