LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote

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LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote

Post by dean on Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:02 am

Every day of the week Eco Baja Tours runs a bus from the La Paz Malecon Tourist Bus Terminal to all of the beaches.

Unfortunately there is no printed or online schedule. We have spoken with the bus scheduling team to provide you with the bus schedules for the beaches.

Tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal on the Malecon which is on the corner of 5 de Mayo and Abasolo (The Malecon).

Departure Time Final Destination Return Time
06:00am Pichilingue 06:30am
07:00am Pichilingue 07:30am
08:00am Pichilingue 08:30am
09:00am Pichilingue 09:30am
10:00am Balandra and Tecolote 10:45am
11:00am Balandra and Tecolote 11:45am
12:00pm Balandra and Tecolote 12:45pm
01:30pm Balandra and Tecolote 02:15pm
03:30pm Balandra and Tecolote 04:15pm
05:00pm Balandra and Tecolote 05:40pm
06:00pm Balandra and Tecolote 06:40pm
The bus stops and collects at all of the beaches along the way meaning if there are more passengers than usual or traffic because of the Ferry arriving etc the bus may be delayed by a few minutes from these times.

The cost per person varies depending on your final destination and are based on 1 direction only. Double up the fee to count up the return trip.

Start/End Beach Price (Pesos) Beach Services
Caimancito (La Concha) $10 R&B
Tesoro $28 R&B / Ps / W/C
Pichilingue $50 R&B / R / H / Ks
Balandra $70 Ps / Ks / F
Tecolote $70 R&B / Ps / Ks / Js / C / W/C
Beach Services Long Form
R&B Restaurant and Bar
Ps Beach Palapas
Ks Kayak Rentals
Js Jet Ski Rentals
C Camping
W/C Bathrooms
F Food Vender
H Hotel
R Boat Ramp


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