hooking up a generator after a hurricane...

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hooking up a generator after a hurricane...

Post by dean on Tue May 19, 2015 11:01 am

hooking up a generator after a hurricane...


one thing he missed is generally we do not run these full time.     So when you turn on your ac and fridge set the thermostat as cold as possible so the compressors do not cycle off and on, that they just stay on.   

also if you run out f gas and have to restart or turn it off, shut all the local circuit breakers off again and turn on one at a time starting with the largest power consuming compressor or pump.   let it run for a bit.   then next one.    also some new smart fridges wait a minute or so before turning on the compressor to avoid power surge issues from power outages.    So let them have a few minutes too, if running smaller generators under 1500 watts.   


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