new toll bypass of cabo if taking the todos side.

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new toll bypass of cabo if taking the todos side.

Post by dean on Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:53 am

Also at the Cabo airport if going to Todos direction , there is a new added toll road that will save you many hassles/stop lights confusion.

When leaving the airport take the toll road to the left that has been there for 8 years or so, and then there will be another toll road you can take off of it that bypasses Cabo in a few miles that goes to the right (west). They just finished the second toll road a few weeks ago. When it ends it puts you on hwy 19, take a right and head north to todos. You bypass all the traffic nightmare.

Also when driving here to LaVentana, if coming from Todos side, when you get to the intersection from hwy19 to hwy1 it is much nicer to not go to LaPaz, head the opposite way and turn south towards cabo/ San Antonio. At san Antonio then head to Los Planes way.


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