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current on the view.

Post by dean on Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:20 am

contact me if you want to get the contact info or join the ventana view

Oct 30, van booked SJD to LV 3.30pm room for 3  at that time.
(Contact Samuel at )to ride TO SJD Oct.30 morning.)
Oct 30, from EStoSJD deprt 9a.  Room for 2.  Shopping b4 returning to airport for passenger 1:30 D/O in LB.
Room for 2-3 LB, ES/LV.
Nov 2  to SJD & Return LV picking up passenger arriving at 5PM
Nov 3, van booked from SJD depart approx.  3 pm.  com.
(Contact Samuel direct at  for  a ride TO SJD Nov.3rd A.M..)
Nov 4 LV to SJD in morning  Room for 2 or
Nov 4 SJD to LV mid to later afternoon.  Room for 3 or
Nov.14. to SJD room for 3 on the way there, room for 2 on the way back
Nov.19 SJD to LV  Arr  1:30pm.  Van booked - 2 p, looking to share.
Nov.23. to  SJD room for 1 on the way there, room for 3 on the way back. hi_ooDOTcom
Dec 17 SJD to LV mid afternoon.  Room for 2 or 3
Dec 17 LV to SJD: Leave in am. Room for 3 or 4.
(PLEASE use the format below. When you have a ride let me know so yr ad can be removed. You will offer to share costs..Right?)
Oct 28 arr 3:00 pm. 1 p/1 dog, 1 suitcase.
Nov 2 . 4 pax/&and back Nov.14. 1kiteboard bag/
Nov 6  arr. 3:40 1 pax, 2 bags,.com
Nov. 9,  Arr. 1:23p.   2 px, 2-3 bags.   .net.
Nov.12  Arr. 2pm.. 2px/2cases/scooter..
Nov.12  .  2 people land at 4:10 PM
Nov.14.Arrive at 12:45. suitcase & kite
Nov.15 Arrive SJD 2:30 1 p/1 bag 4K. -0777
Nov. 16  arrive 2:30pm.  1 person, 1 bag.
11/25  about  2pm /1 person plus kite gear
Nov 26  1 person, 1 bag.....3 pm
Nov 29, arr 3:45, 1case/backpack, no gear bag. com
Dec 11 arrive 245, 1 p/ golf bag/ kite bag,
Dec. 16, arrive 1:00pm.  1p/1suitcase  .net
Dec 21 arrive 1145, 1 person 1 bag
Dec.22 arr 3:15.  One suitcase/backpack, no gear
Dec 28 Land 3:04PM. 2 P/20lb dog/1golf bag/1 Kite bag+2 bags.  .com txt 8879.
Nov 5 ...1 person, 1 bag....3pm flight.
Nov.12  departing 4:10 pm.
Dec.17.  flight at 5  2 people plus kite gear   .com
Jan 8  Flt 5:00PM. 2 P/20lb dog/1golf bag/1Kite bag+2 bags.


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