pet friendly hotels in bajas

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pet friendly hotels in bajas

Post by dean on Tue May 02, 2017 9:08 pm

here is what was forwarded to me.

• Malarrimo in Guerrero Negro on the right not to far into town is dog friendly. They have a nice restaurant and places to camp in your vehicle.
• Santa Rosalia El Morro hotel #615-152-0414 check the website
• Baja Cactus in El Rosario # 616-165-8850-616-165-8700 they also have a web site Make sure you get in the new wing for the old one is bad. A real hidden treasure
• We travel last year with 3 dogs from Cabo the drive to Santa Rosalia is the longest one like 9-10 hr. drive,the
• Hotel in Loreto is called Oasis is by the sea of Cortez and if you check their web site they offer 20% discount they also have a nice restaurant and there's plenty of space to walk your munchkins, if you book on line you get the discount ,we have a map an Mark your stops,that way you have a very good clue of how much further you need to go,if we can be any help don't hesitate .
• I have three dogs also and I stay at Halfway Inn in Guerreo Negro. Also in San Quentin at Jardines which is about 1 mile off of the road south of SQ and have a great orchard to walk the dogs as well as a great restaurant…all on site and “in the country”. El Morro in Mulege allows 3 dogs. Have had major issues finding anywhere in Ensenada that will allow dogs. If you are headed the Yuma way via Los Algodones on Highway 5 Motel 6 will allow dogs and checked with Shilo Inn but they charge $25 per dog extra. Hope that helps. Oh Oasis on the beach in Loreto is dog friendly.
• Oasis - Loreto
• rice and beans - San Ignacio
• Misión Santa Maria in San Quintin on a great beach too.


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