suggested for rattlesnake bites for pets

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suggested for rattlesnake bites for pets Empty suggested for rattlesnake bites for pets

Post by dean on Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:25 pm

suggested for rattlesnake bites for pets

from facebook
My homeopathic vet in Santa Fe, NM (Laura Moore) gave me ledum & lachesis to treat my dog for a rattlesnake strike. It hasn't happened yet, but I keep the homeopathic tablets on hand & can use them myself, as well. Her shop is called Critters & Me, phone# five oh five 982-5040. She's been a homeopathic vet for over 20 years & has been wildly successful for saving dogs post rattlesnake strike. I'm sorry for your loss & hope you can get some ledum & lachesis through her shop, or another one similar. All of her employees are immensely knowledgeable & helpful. Maybe they can mail some to you. Best of luck to you!

I am sorry for your loss, I am dog walker and have taken care of client dogs that have been bitten in their yards in San Diego. If you ever come stateside, sign up for a Rattle Snake avoidance class for your dogs. I walk dogs on trails in Orange County and we won't take them if they haven't had the class. If you are in this area, I love the trainer we use. It takes about 20 minutes and he uses three stations, sight, smell, scent and then combines it together.Even my vet said it was better than doing the vaccine.


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