pay bill with a sercice

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pay bill with a sercice

Post by dean on Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:44 am

Here is an interesting one, says you can receive and pay bills from telmex and CFE.

A great tool that we came across is SimplePay. If you also think paying Mexico bills is inconvenient, you're not alone! Frequently, the bills in Mexico arrive late (or they never do); then you need to go across town to pay your electric or water bill before they shut-you-off.

For all of us that have experienced this hassle, SimplePay offers the perfect solution. SimplePay centralizes all of your Mexico bills in one place (electricity, water, phone, internet, property taxes, HOA fees, etc) - then, when your bill is due, SimplePay sends you a notification to your email with an easy Pay-Now button.

We surveyed thousands of foreigners who own or rent a home in Mexico, and most of them spend 6+ months out of Mexico. This is why SimplePay is so convenient. You can finally keep on top of your Mexico bills, without having to pre-pay the whole year in advance or ask friends for favors. Click here to view


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