WalMart and Sams club open in cabo

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WalMart and Sams club open in cabo

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:18 pm

Walmart and sams club are open in Cabo. I was able to buy at sams club without a card. I asked at the entry about it but she did not understand me and let me in. I thought she also said I could buy. thus I put a bunch of stuff on the cart and went to checkout and they said no, I gave them the story of I live so far, was just here to pick up my father and so on and so on and would have gone to Costco and they gave me a day pass.

The place is very similar to the food and pricing of City-club. They do have some other items not found there. I did not have time to go in Wal-Mart.

to get there if taking the todos to cabo rt, as you take a left at the corner going to SDC where the stadium is in the arroyo you will see a new overpass be in the right lane and exit there it takes you to the stores. If coming from the airport to Cabo after the costco where you take a right heading to Todos just before that take a right on a exit ramp road. You can not miss it.

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