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Post by dean on Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:09 am

this is a computer part of the article, 

 seems the government is opening up competition in Mexico.    Shared infrastructure.    Hope it includes land line infrastructure not just cellular as the translation implies.    If someone is fluent in spanish read the article and please tell us.      If correc with Fiberoptics now as the core we could have some more improvements with competition being able to use the basic infrastructure.

MEXICO CITY -. Upon the issuance of the Federal Telecommunications Act and Broadcasting, constitutional reform in this area will become the vehicle of the great transformation of the sector, to promote a new structure in the market, changes in the way we do business, consolidations and sales, but also concrete benefits to consumers of telecommunications, lawmakers and experts say the converging sector.
With the above and once the rules were written, both Gerardo Flores, a member of the Committee on Communications and Transportation of the Senate and Gerardo Soria, president of the Law Institute of Telecommunications (IDET) agreed that it can be expect a significant flow of investments to boost the sector.

  • The elimination of charges for long distance and fixed cell, from January 1, 2015, could yield annual savings for consumers of up to 32 billion pesos.
  • Likewise, for the consumers of its prepaid mobile balance will expire in one year and not in one or two months was established in the plans of different service providers.
  • Users of prepaid cellular service can check your balance without costing them a penny.
  • Number portability, ie, the change of service provider, you must specify in just 24 hours.
  • Consumers will receive bonuses for non-compliance and quality agreed in the contract.
  • Wireless devices must deliver unlocked.
  • Service providers must comply with the quality determined by the IFT, agency for breach may impose penalties.
  • Interconnection costs to zero as the first step will be reduced to migrate towards a model  Bill and Keep  traffic exchange and expectations that results in lower rates for consumers; long as there is an actual transfer of benefits.
  • The preponderant in both telecommunications and broadcasting should allow the use of their infrastructure to competitors.
  • The digital switchover will be implemented on December 31, 2015.
  •  With multiprogramming content offerings will be expanded.
  • Firms will have special equipment for disabled people. The stations with greater than 50% coverage subtitles should integrate news and sign language. In three years the measure should apply to all programming.


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